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30 May 2012

On May 19, noon time, Nathalie and Paul reached the summit of Everest. Pierre took the decision of turning around less than 100 meters from the summit. This was Gabriel's first experience as project manager, basecamp manager, expedition leader, all we can say: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Thanks guys for this incredible teamwork: Sherpas Lhakpa, Namgyal and Pema plus our staff at basecamp (Pasang, Nima 1, Nima 2, Gelu, Karma) and Garry for the weather forecasts. 

7 August 2012
14 October 2012

The mountain in the background is Ama Dablam (6856 meters, Nepal). Beginning October 30th, our team of 3 climbers will try this summit without assistance of Sherpa or fixed rope. Follow us on Gabriel Filippi Facebook

15 October 2012

On May 19th, a canadian climber died on Everest. CBC French will present a one hour documentary on the circumstances of this death. CBC interviewed me since I was on Everest at the time. 

Thursday, October 25 9 p.m.CBC French television

Re-run at CBC french television: October 27 1p.m.
RDI : Sunday October 28 6p.m. Monday October 29 2  a.m