We can choose to create of our lives
an accident or an adventure.

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Achieved expeditions

Hooked on challenge, Gabriel Filippi has built a well-rounded career as an adventurer. Step by step, he overcame difficulties and racked up achievements to test his mettle.

1995: Outings in Quebec and the US to learn rock and ice climbing

1995: Aconcagua, Argentina

1996: Alpamayo and Huascaran, Peru

1997: Assiniboine and Bugaboos, Canadian Rockies

1998: Nanga Parbat, Pakistan

2000: Everest southern route, Nepal

2001: Costa Blanca (rock climbing), Spain

2002: Mount McKinley (also called Denali), Alaska

2003 : Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, and the 3 peaks of Mount Kenya, Kenya

2003: Mont Blanc, France

2003: Elbrus and  Shkhara(Bezengi Wall, Georgia)

2005: Everest southern route, Nepal

2006: Carstensz Pyramid, New Guinea

2006: Kosciusko, Australia

2006: New Zealand, with a meeting with Sir Ed Hillary, first man to reach the summit of Everest with his Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, in 1953

2007: Everest southern route, Nepal (expedition chief, director of logistics and co-producer of the film Finding Life, winner of 2 awards: the People’s Choice award and Honourable Mention from the jury for cinematography)

2009: Everest northern route, Tibet (first attempt: took the Habs’ 100th anniversary flag for the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation)

2010: Mount Toubkal, Morocco (seVen TV project)

2010: Labuche Peak and Himlung Himal , Nepal

2010: Everest northern route, Tibet

2010: IRONMAN  Florida (Panama City)

2011: Labuche and Mera Peak, Nepal,

2011: Cho Oyu, Tibet

2012: Labuche Peak

2012: Everest southern route, Nepal  (expedition leader)