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Au dela des obstacles règne toute la magie du verbe pouvoir.
Chacune des épreuves rend le sommet encore plus précieux.

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25 July 2023

Trekking and climbing agency

Visit for all the treks and expeditions available to you. Recognized travel agency (license 703601). THE MOUNTAIN TOGETHER!

18 June 2022

4th time on the top of the world!

On May 12, 2022 at 0500a.m. , Gabriel reached the top of the world (Everest,8848 meters) for a fourth time! New conferences thanks to more lessons learned, more effective strategies, new technologies, improved collaboration between teams, additional actions for the health and safety of the team in a constantly changing environment, guiding customers to the ultimate goal. Result: 100% of the group made it to the top! You want to know more: contact me for a conference built for your management team, your employees or your customers.

17 June 2022

Conference in a virtual amphitheatre

You are looking for a new virtual experience. Gabriel offers his presentations in a virtual amphitheatre. Click on the link to see the promotional video:

16 June 2022

Order the autographed national best seller 'The escapist'

Are you looking for a gift for yourself, your employees, clients? The national best seller 'The escapist' with a personalized signing is an idea that will please everyone. Price: 30$ including taxes and shipping across Canada and USA. Click here to order: 

18 December 2020

First Canadian on the top of Everest for a third time!

On May 15,2019, Gabriel became the first canadian on top of the world for the third time! Then, on May 16,he climbs the 4th highest peak in the world, Mount Lhotse (28100 feet). Two summits of more than 8000 meters in less than 24 hours! 

1 September 2018

Public conferences The Escapist

13 cities, 14 representations (1 in english). Grand prize: trek to Everest basecamp including airfare. Tickets on sale and informations: and my Facebook page

19 October 2017

Happy first anniversary for THE ESCAPIST

October 18th,2016: launch of my book THE ESCAPIST. Since then. the book travels all around the world. Thanks to the readers for pictures and comments. Many inspiring stories for corporations, associations who needs a keynote speaker, a problem solver, an inspirational talk for their employees, clients or members. For booking, contact me.

12 October 2017

NAAK athlete

Thanks to William Walcker and Minh Anh to welcome me as a NAAK athlete-ambassador. Made of crickets flour, this energetic bar is excellent during sport activities and the recuperation phase. For more informations: 

22 September 2017


After being on the National Best Seller list (ranked 5th), another good news just came in. Harper Collins will published a paperback copy. On October 18th it will be vailable in bookstores all across Canada. Enjoy the read and be careful: it is a page turner! 

1 September 2017

REKARB Ambassador

It is with great pleasure that I am joining the REKARB family as an ambassador for the brand. The energetic syrup is made of maple syrup. Maple fuel! To all the athletes out there, go visit their website to learn more: 

25 August 2017

Bestseller in Canada

THE ESCAPIST, cheating death on the world's highest summits (Harper Collins Publisher) is ranked number 5 on the national bestsellers book list. Thanks to all the readers across Canada! 

23 August 2017

Your keynote speaker

Your need is different than other clients. Gabriel customizes his presentation so yours can be unique. It's time to plan for a successful event, contact him now!

8 August 2017

Honorary President for the 2017 Invitation Golf tournament

It is with great pleasure that I will be the honorary president for the 2017 Invitation golf tournament at Megantic golf club. Please check the attached document (french only) or call : 1-819-583-4810

2 July 2017

Canadaman Ambassador

Proud to be the Ambassador, and participant, for this north-american first edition of Canadaman of the ultimate long distance triathlon. Athletes from all over the world will be in Mégantic to participate to this event. For more informations:

29 October 2016

Book launch of THE ESCAPIST,cheating death on the world's highest mountains

Since October18th, you can find my book in all bookstores across Canada and All critics are unanimous, excellent review from the Globe and Mail and many more. Thanks to everyone for this warm welcome! 

26 September 2016

Gabriel on Discovery Channel and

Bell Media and Discovery Channel, in partnership with Jeep Canada, are producing an 8 part web-series and a one hour broadcast starring Gabriel,Elia and P.K. The series chronicles their life stories, past adventures and preparation for this upcoming expedition on unclimbed peaks.To watch the series, go to Gabriel's Facebook athlete page: 

26 September 2016

Book deal with Harper Collins!

I am very honored and privileged to announce that my book will be published by the prestigious publisher Harper Collins. Thanks to my friend Brett Popplewell for his amazing talent of writer. For more information:

29 January 2016

Visit to our troops

Privileged to have been invited by Colonel Michel St-Louis to speak to his troops and give medal at their ICEMAN first edition. Thanks to these men and women who protect us!

16 January 2016

Report in Journal de Montréal (french)

Few events from life:

2 December 2015

Link to interview at Banc public (french)

Here is the link to watch the interview given at tv show Banc public

1 November 2015

Speaker at TEDx Montréa

It is with great honor that I will present a conference at TEDx Montréal. Date: November 14 at 1p.m.

13 October 2015

Speaker for fundraising Nepal

I'll be speaking at a fundraising event for the reconstruction a village of 90 houses, a school, water treatment system and community center. Information:

1 October 2015

Banc publique (french only)

Interview given at comedian Guylaine Tremblay for her tv show Banc publique. Broadcasted at Télé-Québec at following dates and time: Wednesday Nov 4 8p.m., Friday Nov 6 noon, Sunday Nov 8 4p.m., Tuesday Nov 10 10p.m.
14 August 2015

Lunch-conference open to public (french talk)

Presented by Chambre de Commerce Industrie Rive-Sud. September 17th. For more information:

30 July 2015

Honorary President of the World Cup 10km open water swimming

It is with great pleasure that I will be the Honorary President of the 2015 FINA World Cup 10km open water swimming. From Aug 6-9, other than the international competition, there will be lots of shows, concerts, family activities. You can also register for the 1-2-5km open water swimming amateur competition. For more details:  Come see us!

23 June 2015

Speaker at TED event

Very honored to speak at TEDxYouth in november.

26 May 2015

Nomination at the National Magazine Awards

After my interview with Brett Popplewell, he wrote a beautiful article titled 'I need to get off this mountain'. He is now nominated at the 38th National Magazine Awards in the category 'Profiles'. Click here to read the article

25 May 2015

Fundraising for nepal

This is our first initiative: t-shirt or top tank with a pocket. All money raised (10.34$ per t-shirt) will be donate to a well-known organism in Nepal. To get yours, go to or click here

22 March 2015

2015 Lhotse expedition (8516 meters / 27,940 feet)

March 29th is the beginning of a new adventure: climbing the fourth highest peak in the world. Only one place to follow this expedition: Gabriel Filippi athlete page on Facebook. Here is the link:

21 March 2015

New sponsorship: Louis Garneau

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Louis Garneau. Thru his Nutrition Collection, he will provide the recuperation and sports drinks plus the energy gels.Thanks for the support.

2 February 2015

Public conference in Cowansville (french)

On February 26th at 7:30p.m., Gabriel will present a conference at Cinema Princess Cowansville. Videoclips and pictures on big screen has he takes you on his adventures. Tickets: 20$ Students: 10$ For mor3e informations: Cinema Princess 450.263.5900

2 February 2015

Trailer for the public conference (french)

Here is the link to watch the trailer for the public conference at Cinema Princess that will be held on February 26th at 7:30p.m.

15 December 2014

New sponsor: Powerwatts

Powerwatts is proud to join forces with alpinist Gabriel Filippi for his next expedition without oxygen on Lhotse in Nepal (8516 meters). Powerwatts will be the exclusive trainer for Gabriel's preparation with our unique integrated system and the largest hypoxia chamber in Canada. See for yourself:


6 July 2014

Nepal 2015: Everest basecamp trek and more

Join us on this classic trek up to Everest basecamp. More options available for those who wants to trek the other side of the valley or would like to climb a 6000 meters peak that is even designed for beginners. For more information: click ONGOING EXPEDITIONS at the botton of the page.

6 July 2014

Everest basecamp trek


DATE : MARCH 29 - APRIL 17 2015


COST : USD2700

7 April 2014

CBC interview 'Touching the void'

Gabriel talks about the best seller 'Touching the void'. It is a true and gripping story where Simon cuts the rope and leave Joe for dead in a crevasse. Link: (April 6th, starts at 3h10) 

4 April 2014

Interview at CBC french radio with Joel Le Bigot

Interview at CBC studio to discuss the new regulation imposed by Nepal government about the garbage on Everest. Link: (stars at 10h18)

31 January 2014

Movie ASHA (in french only)

Our adventure in Nepal with 9 teenagers with dysphasia is now on big screen across Quebec. Must see movie! For dates and places:

3 January 2014

Manaslu 2014 Expedition

Join us for an expedition on Manaslu (8163 meters, Nepal). For more informations, contact me thru my website by clicking CONTACT. 

22 November 2013

24 October 2013

25,828$ for Megantic

As an Ambassador for Megantic, I would like to say THANK YOU to the Grands Prix Cyclistes de Québec et Montréal for their initiative by raising money for my hometown. As an Ambassador for the GPCQM, I thank every one who ride the 90km/155km race. 

24 October 2013

ASHA in Sherbrooke (french only)

On November 27, the short version of the documentary ASHA will be on the big screen of Granada theater. More information to come. In the meantime, here is a link to the trailer:

2 October 2013

Triathlon Canada Magazine features Gabriel's story

The featured story titled "The true story of volunteers." Gabriel share his story to the editor in chief. An incredible bond with a volunteer while he struggled during the swim portion of the Mont Tremblant Ironman shows how important these people are to triathletes.Magazine in store now

2 October 2013

Keynote speaker in Saguenay on October 19

Gabriel is the keynote speaker for the ADS event (french). For more informations:  See you there!

2 October 2013

Teaser of movie ASHA (french)

On October 19, pre-screening of the movie featuring a group of 8 young with dysphasia, a team of PhD and Gabriel as spokeperson of the project called "Above the summit". To see the trailer: For more informations:

30 August 2013

29 July 2013

Lac Mégantic at Bell Center

In order to help my hometown,Lac Mégantic, a benefit concert (in french only) will be held at Bell Center on August 13th. Well-known singers and stand-up comics will come on stage. For more informations:  Thanks for your support.

24 February 2013

Reporter web magazine

I am the new reporter for the web magazine 'Affaires de gars" ( It is a french website where I will write about outdoors, extreme adventures and more. 

14 January 2013

New conference 'Against the time'

On the mountain there is a thin line between life and death. What about your workplace? This presentation is all about health and safety at work. You will see how we can draw many parallels between both, the mountain and the workplace.
14 January 2013

Everest: Into the dead zone

Canadian climber Shriya Shah summitted Everest but she died on their way down. What went wrong? CBC Fifth estate uncovers startling new information about her deadly climb. Here is the link to watch the full episode:

14 January 2013

100% success for the project Above the summit

As the spokeperson of the project 'Above the summit' I am proud to announce that the whole team of 20 persons, including 9 students with dysphasia, have reached the summit of Khundu Ri Asa (Nepal, 4200m). Dysphasia is impairement in the production of speech and failure to arrange words in an understandable way: caused by an acquired lesion of the brain.

25 October 2012

Public speaking in Sherbrooke (in french)

Five presentations in one night. Climbing, mountaineering, trekking. I'll present my point of view as an outfitter at Everest basecamp with clients going for the summit. Reserve now as seats are going fast. For more informations: 

15 October 2012

ENQUÊTE: Tragedy on Everest.

On May 19th, a canadian climber died on Everest. CBC French will present a one hour documentary on the circumstances of this death. CBC interviewed me since I was on Everest at the time. 

Thursday, October 25 9 p.m.CBC French television

Re-run at CBC french television: October 27 1p.m.
RDI : Sunday October 28 6p.m. Monday October 29 2  a.m

14 October 2012

2012 Ama Dablam Expedition

The mountain in the background is Ama Dablam (6856 meters, Nepal). Beginning October 30th, our team of 3 climbers will try this summit without assistance of Sherpa or fixed rope. Follow us on Gabriel Filippi Facebook

31 August 2012

Conference 'Au-delà du sommet' (Beyond the summit)

This conference is one of the few talks I give for general audience. It is for a good cause. Photos, videoclips on big screen. Stories of Everest and others. Hope to see you there. Please note the conference will be in french only. 

7 August 2012

2 July 2012

Spokeperson for "Dysphasia: Above the summit"

I am proud to be the spokeperson for a project called "Dysphasia: Above the summit, project that ends with the ascent of Gokyo peak (Népal, 5483 meters). 

This one year project is not only an expedition but also look at ways to support and improve dysphasique students, create awareness to the population and share their results. 

To learn more:

30 May 2012


On May 19, noon time, Nathalie and Paul reached the summit of Everest. Pierre took the decision of turning around less than 100 meters from the summit. This was Gabriel's first experience as project manager, basecamp manager, expedition leader, all we can say: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Thanks guys for this incredible teamwork: Sherpas Lhakpa, Namgyal and Pema plus our staff at basecamp (Pasang, Nima 1, Nima 2, Gelu, Karma) and Garry for the weather forecasts. 

27 May 2012

27 May 2012

30 November -1

Above the summit: 2012 Nepal for dysphasia


As the spokeperson for the Association of Dysphasia, I'll lead a group in Nepal. To follow the team and learn more about the project and dysphasia, here is the link:

30 November -1

Everest 2014 presentation

You want to climb to the top of the world? I will do a presentation explaining the details of this climb. I'll be in Québec city on March 3 and Montréal on March 4th. For more informations, please contact me at: